Growth of the entertainment industry

The arts, sports and entertainment industry has seen phenomenal growth in recent times, and has even come to be appreciated as a career of choice in parts of the world where this was hitherto unknown; places that only gravitated towards the traditional formal careers.

This is evident in the many regulatory and enabling bodies, global sporting events, appreciation of top talent in the industry.

Alongside this growth has come a demand for the best in terms of enabling facilities and infrastructure. This industry is especially demanding in terms of flooring particularly when it comes to sports. The floor surfaces has to be right, proper texture for non slip, and at the same time offer proper traction, minimal injuries in case falls cannot be avoided.

Entertainment also has its demands, with floors being under heavy use by dancers, theater goers and so forth. The artists will also occasionally spill paint and other substances.

Stentor will ensure that your flooring takes all these and lives to see another day, and looking glamorous while at it.

Qualities of the flooring

  • Slip resistant as a top priority
  • High friction texture for maximum traction
  • Balanced texture to minimize injury in case of falls
  • Customizable
  • Top notch aesthetics
  • Moisture tolerant/resistant; sweat, steam washing
  • Non porous; avoid absorbing spills
  • Hostile to pathogen and mold growth; remember alot of sweat is involved especially in sports
  • Tolerant to heavy consistent use under high friction
  • Resistant to scratching and physical damage
  • Seamless/joint less; hence no disruption/obstruction when it comes to areas like sport where every second matters
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