Public areas

Not really an industry, but important all the same. These public areas are crucial because people merge here.

Includes corridohs, washrooms, staircases, lobbys, parking areas, stores, laundry, waiting and reception areas.

Usually subjected to heavy use, are very important and play a vital role in making day to day activities possible. It is absolutely necessary to keep them in usable and top shape, and naturally, the floor is the one that the giant share of the heavy use.

The floor must be right for these facilities to live to their use. Stentor will ensure just  that.

Desirable characteristics

  • Resistance to constant heavy use and scratching
  • Resistance to hard impact, and physical injury
  • Aesthetically attractive
  • Seamless/joint less to avoid trapping dirt
  • Resistance to ultraviolet rays
  • Adaptable to temperature fluctuations, especially for outdoors
  • Easy effective cleaning
  • Moisture steam cleanable
  • Minimal maintenance; no waxing
  • Slip resistant
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