Real estate – a favourite

The construction industry has been one of the fastest growing globally, driven by factors such as:

  • Population growth, hence natural growth demand for real estate
  • Preference of real estate as a choice of investment
  • Growth of other sectors of the economy, translating to growth in demand for real estate
  • Modern lifestyles demanding new types of facilities like malls

There has been heavy investment in real estate as a response. However modern real estate has had to evolve with the times, and the most successful in this sector definitely have to embrace change and utilize the best methods and materials. And key among considerations are materials that will not consume heavily in terms of maintenance. And flooring products offered by Stentor fit into this criteria.

While some clients might not be aware of the effort behind their beautiful flooring, they will appreciate the service it will offer them in the long term.

Qualities of flooring material

  • Top in terms of aesthetics
  • Fully customizable due different tastes among clientele
  • Slip resistant
  • Hostility to pathogens
  • Adaptable to fluctuating thermal cycles for outdoors
  • Moisture tolerant; no worry about steam cleaning
  • Chemical resistant; accidental spillage of solvents, alkalis and others
  • Tolerance to constant heavy use
  • Easy cost effective maintenance
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