Why should we install quality flooring at your education institution?

Your students may not note or appreciate it, but you will. And it will give you peace of mind. You will not be dealing with nasty slip and fall accidents, recurring microbial infections among your young subjects, and stained floors that while no one might actually be able to point it out, will be detrimental to the existence of a conducive atmosphere that encourages focus and concentration.

You will save costs and time waste on recurrent ineffective repairs, and cleaning. And so focus on your core mandate, which is to impart knowledge on these scholars, be they young or old, from baby to primary schools, secondary to universities, undergraduate schools to post graduate schools, name them.

Customize it to remind your students why they are there in the first place whenever they make a step.

Characteristics of flooring we install for education institutions

  • Highly slip resistant
  • Easy effective cleaning
  • Minimal maintenance, for example no waxing
  • Heavy traffic tear resistant
  • Exceptional resistance to chemicals damage
  • Wide selection to match existing or new decor
  • Aesthetically appealing; creates conducive learning environment
  • High durability
  • Color and coating variety, graphics customizable
  • Pathogen resistant
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