Crucial food and beverages industry

The food and beverages industry is a critical one. Its contribution to global economies is immense. And the convenience. What with packaged, portable food and drinks.

It is also a highly sensitive one, and even a small lapse in hygiene standards would have dire consequences because of the sheer number of people that consume the products

The biggest consideration here is hygiene, and it gets even more challenging because of the regular spills occassioned by the multitude of ingredients necessary to come up with the products. These spills necessitate high pressure and steam cleaning.

There are also numerous standards to adhere to. Due to these stringent requirements, Stentor has paid special attention and has the right solution for the flooring.

Characteristics of the flooring

  • Withstands constant heavy use, especially due to constant wheeling of laden trolleys
  • Resists staining that can be occasioned by spilling of ingredients like oils
  • Hostile towards pathogens that would otherwise find¬† conducive environment due to spillage of food items
  • Seamless/joint less surfaces ensure no dirt is trapped
  • Seamless/joint less surfaces are of great help in meeting most set standards
  • Moisture tolerant; easily steam cleaned
  • Chemical resistant; preservatives, solvents, cleaning agents
  • Resistant to physical damage
  • Resistant to temperature fluctuations; Heating apparatus might be part of the production
  • Not susceptible to growth of molds
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