High standards for your hotel and restaurant flooring

Among top considerations for flooring in hotels and restaurants are hygiene, durability, aesthetics, and slip resistance to avoid injuries due to falls. They are among the first items clients notice, and use to make an immediate judgement of what to expect. Therefore the floors should project a warm and welcoming attitude, which your establishment is. They should be given top consideration. Meeting such myriad of criteria in a one stop is not always easy, but at Stentor, we have the ideal formula to ensure your floors deliver on all these fronts and moreincluding at the pool areas, bars, washrooms.

Qualities of the hospitality flooring systems

  • Aesthetically attractive
  • Slip resistant
  • Customizable
  • Pathogen resistance
  • Tolerance to temperature fluctuations
  • Tolerance to heavy use
  • Easy, effective cleaning
  • Moisture tolerant; can be steam cleaned, withstands solvents
  • Minimal maintenance; no waxing
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