Production service levels

You trust the investment you commit towards flooring for  your manufacturing/production lines to guarantee you maximum durability, resilience and uninterrupted service occasioned by frequent repair and maintenance. What with the heavy use enormous pressure exerted on infrastructure by manufacturing/production facilities.

Our industrial grade flooring systems will see to this. In addition, markings to give direction and demarcation can be integrated, enhancing safety

What you get for industrial flooring includes:

  • Resilience to heavy loads and heavy use
  • Slip resistance
  • Moisture and solvents tolerance, hence steam cleanable
  • Vibration withstand
  • Tolerance to temperature fluctuation
  • EPA registered antimicrobial protection for hygiene-sensitive product manufacturing, restrooms, locker rooms and more
  • Static electricity suppression, for enhanced safety
  • Resistance to chemicals; acids, alkalis
  • Pathogen resistance, especially important for food processing and packaging
  • Minimal maintenance costs; no waxing
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