Unique health medicare industry

The health and medicare industry comes to its own when it comes to demand on infrasructure. Consider this:

  • Constant 24/7 heavy traffic; pedestrian, and wheels
  • Constant spills due to medication, laboratory test substrates and so forth
  • Abundance of pathogens; Remember the majority found within these facilities will be having one ailment or other
  • Radiation at the imaging rooms
  • Injuries to surfaces caused by various medical equipment, for example dropping cutting tools, needles.

These facilities are time barred most times, therefore can hardly afford down time arising from repairs. And here in fits our fast curing flooring systems. Most important is hygiene/sanitation considerations.

What to expect of our medicare biased flooring systems:

  • Joint less/seamless flooring as a top priority due to extra sanitation/hygiene requirements natural to medicare environments
  • Easy effective cleaning; moisture damage resistance encourages steam cleaning
  • Effective stain resistance
  • Resistance to physical injury occassioned by dropping sharp medical equipment
  • Slip resistance
  • Hostility towards microbial and other pathogens
  • Resistance to chemical damage
  • Resistance to radiation damage
  • Ability to withstand constant heavy use and heavy load
  • High tolerance to high and low thermal cycles; temperature fluctuations
  • Minimal maintenance; no waxing
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