Science and technology for development

We heavily depend on science and technology, a complex industry to solve a myriad of global challenges, and give answers to numerous occurrences.

Alot of experiments occur here, involving various substances and mixtures. Some of these substances have never been in existence before(They are formulated bythese scientists for the first time).

Surfaces with high chances of surviving contact with these substrates are essential. On top, surfaces within the science and technology facilities are subjected to extreme thermal cycles due to the nature of experiments that require results in different conditions.

Stentor will implement floors that will meet these challenges.

Our seamless/joint less floors will ensure no contaminants that can influence scientific experiment outcomes are trapped on floor surfaces.

Expect qualities as:

  • Chemical resistance; acids, alkalis
  • Waterproof and moisture resistant
  • Stain resistance, easy effective cleaning
  • Full-scale R&D and QC laboratories on premises
  • Final product having passed all required tests for particular application
  • Final product having been formulated in conjunction with the scientists, incorporating any special requirements
  • Resistance to static electricity and ultraviolet rays
  • Pathogen resistance
  • Minimal maintenance; No waxing; bsence of joints
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