Movement for healthy economics

For our economic well being, movement for trade and other purposes is necessary. And indeed it is not in shortage, day and night.

So we can all guess just how much abuse our transportation terminals and centers go through:

  • Dragging of luggage, both wheeled and non wheeled
  • Physical injury by pedestrians; especially sharp pointed shoes
  • Spillage of oils and other fluids by motorized transport
  • Dropping of litter on the floor surfaces (which is wrong)

Yet transport cannot be disrupted because the flooring becomes unusable due to damage. Some of the floor surfaces in these environments you may have noted, actually maintain pristine condition for really long.

More likely than not, they are of the standards we at Stentor stand for, and some might have been done by Stentor.

Qualities desirable of flooring for transport centers/terminals

  • Resistance to heavy use and heavy loads
  • Non susceptibility to physical injuries and scratching
  • Aesthetically attractive
  • Customizable
  • Slip resistant
  • Pathogen resistant
  • Easy effective cleaning
  • Minimal maintenance
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