Different products for different animals

Depending on the animal in questions, flooring can be very different, even if by particular aspects, for example, can be of same material, but different strength, thickness, coating. Depending on characteristics of the animal such as weight and behavior.

However there are common considerations such as:

  • Mold and pathogen growth due to animal waste
  • Undesirable odours
  • Durability due to animal claws and play
  • Possible injuries and fatalities due to falls
  • Possible injury to skin due to inappropriate texture
  • Effects of chemicals on skin
  • Favorable thermal properties; no extreme heat or cold

Stentor has pulled in all effort to come up with one stop solution for the above mentioned challenges

Flooring for animal care will have among other qualities:

  • Pathogen resistance
  • Non absorption of odours
  • Non porous; No absorption of animal waste
  • Non slip
  • Texture friendly to skin
  • Contains no chemicals harmful to skin
  • Resistance to chemicals; alkalis, acids, solvents
  • Easy-to-maintain concrete coatings with no waxing required
  • Moisture tolerant; steam cleaning, disinfectants
  • Excellent thermal properties
  • Resistant to scratching and physical damage
  • customizable
  • Withstands constant heavy use
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